Bildatlas der Moose Deutschlands - M. Lüth
Neues Projekt mit makroskopischen und mikroskopischen Fotos aller 810 Laubmoosarten Deutschlands.

Printed version in 7 folders with 100-140 pages

PDF version on CD-ROM in high resolution

for your PC at home or for tablet and smartphone in labor or field

Online Version in low resolution

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South of Portugal - February 2014

Some impressions of bryophytes and landscapes


Svalbard Spitsbergen 2013 - Excursion of the NBS

Arctic bryophytes and landscapes on the excursion of the Nordic Bryological Society,
organised by Kristian Hassel and Tommy Presto, Trondheim.

  Pyrenäen 2013 - Exkursion der BLAM und BRYOLICH
  Khibiny Mountains, Apatity, Murmansk, Russia 2012 - Landscape and People  
  Bryophyte Spring Excursion Freiburg 2012
  Bryophytes from India - pictures of an excursion to N-India 2010  


NBS-Excursion Freiburg 2010


Entwicklung von Splachnum rubrum


Workshop: Löß-Moose Freiburg 2009

  Bryolich 2008 in Freiburg i. Brsg.
  Fritz-Koppe-Stiftung - Preisverleihung 2008

Pictures of Bryophytes ROM discs with photographs from bryophytes; with habitat, habitus and details, in the field and in the studio. The pictures are in jpg format with a solution of 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels and are free to use in lectures, presentations and publications (with reference to the autor). The disks comes with a ready installed picture browser.
photographed and arranged by Michael Lüth

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Europe - DVD

50 preview pictures


species list

An extended version of the Europa-CD, with 9000 pictures from 1200 bryophyte species of Europe in the resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Among the new pictures are a lot from rare species (see some in the preview pictures).
A new feature on the DVD is a small data-entry to each picture (IPTC format) with information about the localities.

Price: 40.- Euro
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Europe - CD

72 preview pictures

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species list

3300 pictures from 835 bryophyte species of Europe in the resolution of 800x600 pixels, selected from thousands of photographs taken on many trips and travellings through the continent.

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66 preview pictures


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A collection of 860 pictures of bryophytes (mainly nordic species) and landscapes from Norway, region Troendelag, from down at the cost to the high mountains.
Most pictures are covered by a specimen number, in an exel tabel on the CD you can find informations about locality and ecology of each specimen.

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Neotropis 1

75 preview pictures

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1000 pictures from bryophytes of the Neotropis, taken on travelling trough Venezuela and Brazil and additional 100 pictures from the landscapes. Each picture has a specimen number enclosed, and you can see in a list of localities, where the plant is found.
The plants of most pictures are determined up to the species, from some plants till now just the genera is known. In case of further knowledges, I will publish this in the column "Errata" (see above).

Price: 30.- Euro

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38 preview pictures


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A CD of the miraculous Bretagne, W-France, the home of Asterix and Obelix, with 220 pictures from bryophytes (mainly atlantic species) and 100 pictures from landscapes and peoples, taken on an excursion with french friends in spring 2003.

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