Reviews for the book set
Mosses of Europe - A Photographic Flora
ISBN 978-3-00-062952-5


Dear Michael Lüth
Thank you so much for your wonderful book!
This is a completely unique edition.
This publication will greatly help in the work of biologists around the world.
Thanks again,
Irina Czernyadjeva

Dear Michael Lüth,
Yesterday I received the Mosses of Europe - a Photographic Flora. What a beautiful and impressive work you have done!
One of the most important publications about mosses in recent decades. Like a real herbarium, but more than that. Compliments!
I hope that you also consider such a work on European liverworts. ;-)
Hans Colpa

Dear Michael,
Last Friday your 3 volume Atlas has safely arrived. I am fascinated by its completeness and richness including such Arctic, Atlantic or Mediterranean species I have never seen. I think that we have to say thanks in the name of all bryologists for your 13 years long activity to produce such a wonderful work which will help them for many decades. I especially liked the introduction where you explained the history and methods used by the book.
Kindest wishes
Tamás Pócs

Hallo Michael,
Glückwunsch zu deinem Meisterwerk, da läuft einem ja schon beim Betrachten auf deiner Homepage das Wasser im Auge zusammen! Du reihst dich - ganz unabhängig vom unschätzbaren wissenschaftlichen Wert der Bände - ein als würdiger Nachfolger von Persönlichkeiten wie Ernst Haeckel oder Karl Blossfeldt, die es vermocht haben, die Schönheit der Natur meisterlich darzustellen.
Schöne Grüße
Holger Hunger

Lieber Michael,
meine Gratulation zu Deinem Werk „Mosses of Europe“. Abgesehen von der Vollständigkeit, der überragenden Bildqualität und der Integration von Bildern vom Standort wecken die Bücher das „bryologische Fernweh“ in mir. Man sieht den Büchern an, wieviel Arbeit in ihnen steckt. Vielen Dank, dass Du die Ergebnisse Deiner zahlreichen Reisen in dieser Form mit anderen Bryologen teilst.
Viele Grüße aus Sachsen
Martin Baumann

Dear Michael,
a couple of hours ago a copy of your book arrived and indeed, as I took it over from the delivery man, my arm went down, it's heavy, good quality paper.
It is a magnificant book, the plates are great and often artistic as well! It looks like you made new pictures for many species.
I looked a bit more carefully to your Sphagnum plates, and they are perhaps even more helpful than those in the "Stars of European mires" book (but I did not compare species by species, but e.g. your S. divinum / S. medium is helpful!)
Also practical that synoniems are used.
So far for a fist glance.
Thanks a lot for your work.
Kind regards
Rudi Zielman

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to say how delighted I am with Mosses of Europe. It must have been such a huge undertaking, and I never really thought it would have been possible for one man to produce such a work. It is a tribute to your dedication and I think you have performed a great service to the bryological community.
Unlike many books I have bought, I can see that this will be very much used, and will be a frequent companion to me beside the microscope.
With thanks and best wishes
Jonathan Sleath

Lieber Michael,
ich bin schwer begeistert von deinen drei großartigen Bänden. Hochachtung für deine Arbeit und dein Durchhaltevermögen!!!
Die Bücher sind nicht nur in der Arbeit eine große Hilfe sondern auch beim abendlichen Schmökern auf der Terrasse nicht mehr wegzudenken. Danke dir vielmals!!!!
Liebe Grüße
Martina Pöltl

Dear Michael,
this morning I received the 6,5-kilo boulder of paper: congratulations and many many thanks for gifting us your beautiful and impressive life’s work. It will be our companion for many years to come and I hope you will sometimes feel our appreciation!
Our best wishes
PD Dr. Stefan Schneckenburger

Dear Michael,
Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a very heavy parcel. I was delighted to discover it was 3 volumes of your superb photographic flora Mosses of Europe. It is sumptuously produced and a sheer pleasure to browse through! But your magnum opus is far more than a delight to the eye, it is of scientific value and I will refer to it often.
With best wishes
Ron Porley

Congratulations Michael
to the masterpiece of 18 years of photographing in the field and in the lab! 1350 pages full of high quality pictures are impressive!
The three volumes are more than an artwork than a BildAtlas.
I notice that I feel happy to see that there are so many beautiful mosses, and it is a nice feeling to browse the books, one photo better than the other, a delight to the eye!
Buy the book; it is well worth every penny!
Tomas Hallingbäck, Sweden

Hello Michael
Just received your series and browsed through diagonally.
Beautiful series, a must have for every (amateur) bryologist who takes himself a bit seriously.
Thank you for your enormous amount of work.
With best regards;
Dick Haaksma

Great work, Michael!
The postman brought my copy an hour ago, and I must say that I am thrilled (to avoid any superlative). First I looked through the (former) genus Orthotrichum - hats off! Anyone who already knows Michael's collection of panels "Moose von Deutschland" will be delighted once more, because the format of the new panels is about twice as large. Very beautifully designed pages, aesthetic enjoyment, also well suited for "just take a look at pictures in the evening".
A clear five star recommendation!
Kind regards,
Norbert Stapper

I am, proudly, one of those who has ordered. It is an honor to be able to buy this book. Congratulations. So much imagination, so much work, so many wonderful plants and places. No one, I think, has photographed a whole flora, of any group of plants, in any region, the way you have. Thank you,
Jerry Jenkins

Lieber Michael
Gestern hatte ich Gelegenheit in Deinem Magnum Opus zu blättern. Eine fantastische Leistung und einsame Spitze! Congratulations!! Man bekommt den Eindruck, künftig sei es nicht mehr möglich, europäische Laubmoose falsch zu bestimmen. Und gleich regt sich das unbescheidene Begehren nach einem gleichwertigen Werk für Lebermoose. Aber wir wollen uns erst einmal am Bestehenden erfreuen und es gebührend nutzen.
Mit herzlichen Grüssen
Edi Urmi

Dear Michael,
the books arrived today! It is indeed a fascinating achievement, my congratulation from the whole heart!
Best wishes,
Jan Kucera

Lieber Michael,
gestern haben wir deine Buchlieferung ausgepackt in der Villa und ich möchte dir dringendst sagen, wie sehr schön, wirklich sehr sehr schön dein Werk gelungen ist, der Einband jeweils (und just mit dem kleinen Deckelchen, das naseweis rechts hervorlugt) , die Tafeln, die Farben, das Haptische ... du kannst es gut als dein Lebenswerk ansehen, denn eine Steigerung ist erstmal uuuuunvorstellbar ;-)
Hochachtungsvolle Grüße
Frauke Rollof

Dear Michael,
Your three volumes of Mosses of Europe have just arrived. Many thanks for your fantastic work - a real milestone!
Best wishes,
Lars Hedenäs

Dear Michael,
The books arrived safely. Many thanks. The quality of the printed images is truly excellent, and the whole work is outstanding. A great achievement. Congratulations!
Best wishes,
Tom Blockeel

Lieber Michael,
Deine drei Prachtbände sind gerade eingelaufen. Meinen herzlichen Dank dafür!
Heribert Köckinger

Dear Michael,
Congratulations for the enormous work you have done which represents a fundamental contribution to the Bryology.
Michele Aleffi

Dear Michael:
Congratulations on your book. I look forward to having one. Your splendid photos have served not only for European mosses but also for illustrating the beauty of these plants to all people.
All the best
Noris Salazar

Dear Michael,
Congratulations! This is excellent news and will undoubtedly be an unparalleled resource.
Best wishes
Fred Rumsey

Dear Michael,
so now you've done this thing all the way. Congratulations on your staying power! I'm looking forward to holding the work in my hand soon.
Norbert Stapper

Dear Michael,
Tremendous, congratulations!!! I look forward to see the book in Madrid
Rob Gradstein

Dear Michael,
It is a great achievement and I congratulate to it. Even the previously printed sheets proved to be very useful in our identification work of European mosses. Thank youn for the great effort, lasting 15 years to prepare the full book in three volumes. I am sure that it will be immense help for generations of future bryologists.
Tamás Pócs

Dear Michael,
Congratulations on your achievement! I work on Canadian bryophytes and have found your sheets to be so useful for several species (e.g., Zygodon gracilis, which is known from only one site in British Columbia). I look forward to purchasing your books and will recommend them to the Librarian here at the Smithsonian and also to the University of British Columbia library.
Karen Golinski

Great Michael,
a big congratulations!!! Anxious to see and use!!
Javier Martínez-Abaigar

This is a great contribution! Congratulations and we will look forward to using it in NAM as well to get students jazzed about bryophytes!
All the best,
Catherine La Farge

Dear Michael,
I admire your energy and your willingness to follow suggestions and add habitat images to this monumental work! Congratulations on its completion! And thank you to all the contributors who helped make this work more comprehensive by supplying missing images.
Janice Glime

Dear Michael,
Well done! Time to relax before you start on the liverworts!
Gordon Rothero

Dear Michael,
Photographic Flora will help me enormously with identifications of bryophytes collected on Fair Isle Shetland. My thanks to you for sharing your wonderful photographs with us all. Such generosity. The 3 volumes are an amazing feat!

Dear Michael,
Great achievements! Warmest congratulations!
Zhang Li

Congratulations. A job well done to produce a monumental reference. We are all indebted to you. I know that I am!
Stephen Rae

Dear Michael,
Wonderful news and such a huge achievement, and I very much look forward to seeing it!
All the best,
Ron Porley

Dear Michael,
many, very many congratulations for the publication of your enormous, deserving labour. It was hoped for a lot of bryologists, not only European, not only professional.
Best wishes
Francesco Sguazzin

That's great news!
I congratulate you on your success.
We're excited about your book.
Best wishes
Galina Marushka